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Lemon shark. © Sophie Hart

Lemon shark. © Sophie Hart

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Philanthropic gifts are the cornerstone of our work to save species. Please give what you can.

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Contact us today and a member of our philanthropy team will be in touch.

Our UK team – Liz Eaton – [email protected] and Nick Bubb – [email protected]

Our US team – Alexa Lowe – [email protected] or Brandon Baird – [email protected]

Why Fauna & Flora?

Philanthropy through Fauna & Flora is unlike giving to any other organisation.

It stems from us being the oldest international conservation organisation on the planet, with a history spanning over a century. Throughout that history, we’ve discovered species, had US presidents as prominent members and – with projects in dozens of countries – accumulated a network of thousands of local people who we work through.

But throughout all of this we have very much kept ourselves to ourselves, never spending huge amounts on publicity and keen to focus solely on conserving species that need it. This continues today, with the overwhelming majority of our income being spent directly on conservation activities and the bedrock of our funding coming from a tight-knit society of philanthropists.

That means we’re relatively small. We only work where we know we can make a difference, so there’s several prominent species we don’t work with because we think other organisations are already doing a perfectly good job. We won’t ever work with a species just so we can say we are.

In short, you can be sure that your gift will be used only where it has the biggest possible impact on nature.

What we achieved for nature in 2022