Trusts and Foundations based across the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA provide Fauna & Flora with generous grants that enable us to deliver projects that directly contribute to conserving biodiversity. Both specific project grants and unrestricted donations are an essential part of our income.

Every year, around £9m from Trusts and Foundations directly supports a number of diverse projects from across Fauna & Flora’s portfolio. This includes grants towards the International Gorilla Conservation Programme that have most recently contributed to completing an up-to-date census (essential for monitoring the population of the critically endangered mountain gorilla); support to empower community groups across Scotland to develop their own marine management agendas and create a local support network to rally against poor fishery regulations; and the financing required to purchase land essential for maintaining wildlife corridors in Eurasia, maintaining habitat connectivity for significant populations of bear, wolf and lynx, which are some of the last in Europe.

In addition, seed funding for a pilot project enabled us to develop a market for kepayang oil in Indonesia. With support from grants in later years, the project continues to improve rural livelihoods in communities bordering Kerinci Seblat National Park, ensuring local people have a sustainable income whilst native forest habitats are protected from activities such as further development of palm oil plantations and soil degradation.

There are always new initiatives, ongoing projects and organisational costs that would benefit from further support. If you would like more information on the range of opportunities that are available, please contact Amy Winterbourne, Senior Trusts & Foundations Account Manager via [email protected]