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Credit: Anoop Anu/500px/Getty Images

Credit: Anoop Anu/500px/Getty Images

Forest Protection in Pu Mat National Park, Vietnam

Project lead: Lam Van Hoang

Fauna & Flora works with community-based conservation teams in Pu Mat National Park to strengthen law enforcement, remove illegal snares and monitor gibbon and elephant populations.

Pu Mat National Park is one of Vietnam’s largest national parks and home to several hundred gibbon groups, making it a global stronghold for the northern white-cheeked gibbon.

Our work in Pu Mat National Park

Fauna & Flora’s community-based teams support law enforcement and provide technical support to the park through capacity building and scientific monitoring of the park’s wildlife. Additionally, we work with communities living in and around Pu Mat National Park on sustainable livelihood initiatives and implement conservation criminology approaches, including situational crime prevention.

Project goals 

The capacity of authorities to manage the park effectively is limited, leading to threats from hunting and unsustainable livelihood practices. These threats are exacerbated by several roads that were recently built into the park for national security and border patrols. The roads fragment the habitat and make it easier for people to carry out illegal and unsustainable activities. We aim to strengthen the park’s effectiveness and sustainability, providing more robust monitoring and focusing international and domestic attention on gibbon conservation.

Project timeline

    Ranger working in Pu Mat National Park. © Le Duc / Fauna & Flora

    Ranger working in Pu Mat National Park. © Le Duc / Fauna & Flora


    Systematic surveys of snare prevalence completed.


    New model for community-based monitoring launched.

    Northern white-cheeked gibbon. © Fan Pengfei / Dali University / Fauna & Flora

    Northern white-cheeked gibbon. © Fan Pengfei / Dali University / Fauna & Flora


    Updated population survey of the park’s northern white-cheeked gibbons completed.

    © Le Duc / Fauna & Flora

    © Le Duc / Fauna & Flora


    First ever park-wide camera-trap survey completed.


    Two community-based patrol teams established.

    Pu Mat National Park © Steph Baker / Fauna & Flora

    Pu Mat National Park © Steph Baker / Fauna & Flora


    Fauna & Flora begins new era of conservation in Pu Mat National Park.


    Fauna & Flora camera trap in Pu Mat National Park captures first picture of a wild saola.

Pu Mat National Park is part of the Annamite Mountains. Take a look at what lives beneath the forest canopy


This project is delivered in partnership with Pu Mat National Park Management Board, Re:wild, Leibniz Institute for Zoo & Wildlife Research and Save Vietnam’s Wildlife.


We are grateful for financial support from US Fish & Wildlife Service, Re:wild, Perth Zoo, Taronga Zoo, Wellington Zoo and Zoos Victoria.

Wildlife in peril

Action is urgently needed to improve law enforcement, build the capacity of community conservation teams and develop a sustainable management plan for Pu Mat.

Please help us to protect the park and its threatened wildlife.

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Lam Van Hoang profile picture

Lam Van Hoang

Country Director, Vietnam Programme

Lam leads Fauna & Flora’s Vietnam Programme and has been working on biodiversity conservation in Vietnam for 26 years. He provides technical support to establish and develop community-based conservation interventions, gazette new protected areas and build management capacity. Lam’s interest and expertise are in community-based conservation and protected area governance.