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Every day, 55 elephants are killed illegally, hundreds of pangolins perish and over 250,000 sharks are slaughtered. Your donation can change that.

Please give monthly to have the most impact

Monthly donations make a far greater difference in the long term. They allow protection teams to plan properly, and don’t leave projects at risk of collapse. Even a small monthly gift can save countless lives.


per month fuels a motorbike. It allows rapid response teams to avert danger before lives are lost.


per month puts a drone in the air. It helps monitor poaching hotspots - keeping species safe.


per month powers a camera trap. It helps keep a constant eye on wildlife, so protection teams know when and where to intervene.


per month keeps a patrol going. It provides them with rations, first aid and other essentials.

Siamese crocodile. © Jeremy Holden / Fauna & Flora

To donate by phone call: +44 1223 749019

To donate by post, send a cheque to:
Fauna & Flora
The David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street
United Kingdom

Siamese crocodile. © Jeremy Holden / Fauna & Flora