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Vietnam forest. © Oliver Wearn / Fauna & Flora

Vietnam forest. © Oliver Wearn / Fauna & Flora

Website sustainability

Fauna & Flora is committed to keeping the carbon footprint of our website as low as possible while being able to engage and inspire users to support our conservation work.

We endeavour to follow the principles of the Sustainable Web Manifesto, in areas where the manifesto principles are relevant to our services. Improving our approach to the sustainability of our digital services is a work in progress – it is a consideration as part of our criteria for planning new or revised content and functionality, and our overall approach to the sustainability of our website will be reviewed annually.

Our website will be clean

The Fauna & Flora website is currently hosted with Krystal, which guarantees that the hosting resources we use are powered by 100% truly renewable energy and all data centres have achieved a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of at least 1.2. They are also a B Corp Certified company.

Our website will be efficient

Website assets are comprehensively optimised to reduce energy consumption, data bandwidth used and reduce time loading, to improve the experience for our users, but also to reduce our impact.

Our design approach to how we use colour is less energy-demanding for display technologies.

Website content is regularly reviewed to ensure it is valuable and fit for purpose – content which no longer has a clear purpose or is no longer relevant is removed, to ensure the most valuable content is more findable, and our storage footprint is kept as small as possible.

We use a distributed asset delivery service to ensure we minimise the energy and bandwidth required to deliver assets to the end user.

Our website will be resilient

The design of our website consciously prioritises the experience of users on mobile handsets. We use traffic management and monitoring technologies to ensure services remain available during busy periods.

We use external hosting platforms for data-intensive video content, to ensure better performance for users on slower internet connections, and only use video to complement and extend the essential information conveyed as text on any given page.

Traffic from malicious actors or ‘bad’ bots is monitored and actively suppressed, to reduce energy consumption and free up bandwidth expended on valueless requests.

These measures contribute to a better experience for users on mobile data connections or in areas with slow internet access.

Our website will be honest & clear

The products and services we provide will not mislead or exploit users in their design or content. We are clear on the cookies and marketing tools we use and allow users to control which cookies they accept.

We are clear on our conduct regarding personal information, and what we do with user data.

We test the performance of our website content and presentational design for accessibility, in order to ensure our content is clear to non-visual technologies and is as accessible as possible for users with visual and physical impairments.

Fauna & Flora’s annual report & accounts include a wider statement on our approach to sustainability.