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Species to watch in 2023

From the goliath frog to the Indochinese tiger, meet some of the threatened species that Fauna & Flora and partners will be working to protect in 2023.
Four things we must see from COP26

Five Breakthroughs for Nature

We need immediate, groundbreaking action from global leaders to avoid a catastrophic fate for the planet. We must transform our relationship with nature.
African wild dog puppies

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The Fauna & Flora Garden at Chelsea 2023

Follow our journey to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023, where visitors will be offered a glimpse into the Afromontane landscape of Central Africa - the habitat of the endangered mountain gorilla.


Our focus

Saving species

Rapid biodiversity loss is jeopardising the future of our planet. Over one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction.

FFI has a track record of success in bringing species back from the brink. Throughout our 120-year history, we have made great strides in reversing the decline of biodiversity.

Hands up if you think it’s time to stop abusing our oceans? 3

Safeguarding habitats

Habitat loss is having a devastating impact on the world’s biodiversity. Deforestation, drainage of wetlands, agricultural expansion and industrial activities are all responsible for the destruction of ecosystems.

FFI is helping to protect biodiversity-rich habitat at over 300 sites in almost 50 countries, encompassing forests, grasslands and deserts, wetlands and seascapes.

Promoting smarter ways to mine within fragile forests

Combatting climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity, and to human health and well-being. Conversely, that same biodiversity is crucial to preventing climate meltdown.

From rainforest protection to mangrove restoration, all our conservation activities are directly or indirectly helping to combat climate change.

Head Warden, Sim Khmao releasing a Siamese crocodile at Chhay Reap, Cambodia. Pablo Sinovas/FFI

Community-led conservation

The protection of nature starts with people - particularly, those living closest to it. We believe that conservation success lies in local hands.

FFI works with over 300 in-country partners worldwide, empowering communities, organisations and individuals to protect the biodiversity on their own doorsteps.

Key results

billion tonnes of carbon locked up in our projects
million hectares of habitat protected worldwide
of charitable donations go directly to conservation efforts
Sir David Attenborough OM FRS
If you value the natural world – if you think it should be protected for its own sake as well as humanity’s – then please support Fauna & Flora International.
Sir David Attenborough OM FRS