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© Benoit Morkel / Fauna & Flora

© Benoit Morkel / Fauna & Flora

Protecting biodiversity and improving livelihoods in South Sudan

Project lead: Michelle Moeller

Fauna & Flora is protecting biodiversity and improving the livelihoods of local communities in Bire Kpatous Game Reserve, Bangangai Game Reserve and Southern National Park. 

Our work in South Sudan

Fauna & Flora works in south-western South Sudan, the only region of South Sudan in which eastern chimpanzees, African forest elephants and African golden cats co-exist. 

The current project is focused on protecting biodiversity and improving the livelihoods of local communities within two game reserves. Delivering protected area management and maintaining community-managed areas within the game reserves requires the Wildlife Service rangers and the communities adjacent to the reserves to work closely together – cooperation that is unique to this area of South Sudan.  

Fauna & Flora and our partners conduct patrols to help enforce wildlife laws as this area of South Sudan has historically fallen within a regional wildlife trafficking corridor. Wildlife is also at risk from poaching and unsustainable harvesting of wild meat by local communities.

On patrol in South Sudan. © Benoit Morkel / Fauna & Flora

On patrol in South Sudan. © Benoit Morkel / Fauna & Flora

On patrol in South Sudan.

Project goals

Fauna & Flora’s long-term vision for conservation in South Sudan is to ensure there is a network of functioning protected areas in Western Equatoria state, that will safeguard crucial habitat and the biodiversity it harbours, whilst enhancing human wellbeing and creating opportunities for people. 

Our impact

Fauna & Flora’s work has had a positive impact on the species and habitats in south-western South Sudan and we are now seeing a recovery in the presence and abundance of key wildlife species such as lion, elephant and chimpanzee.

Project partners

This project is delivered in partnership with the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, South Sudan Wildlife Service and Bucknell University.  


We are grateful for financial support from USFWS through Bucknell University, Lion Recovery Fund, Elephant Crisis Fund, Darwin Initiative, UK Government’s DEFRA IWT Challenge Fund, Rainforest Trust and Halcyon Land & Sea. 

African elephants. © Timur Jack-Kadioglu

Saving nature together

We’re working with our partners 24/7 to save the world’s wildlife. Please support our efforts to protect the diversity of life on Earth.

For people and the planet.


African elephants. © Timur Jack-Kadioglu

Michelle Moeller

Country Manager, South Sudan