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Help save wolves

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Please help save wolves

Your gift could help provide an electric fence to keep wolves away from dangerous areas - saving its life.

These badly misunderstood creatures need help to hold on.

Wolves are some of the most remarkable, loving and loyal animals on the planet.  

But you wouldn’t think it by the way they’ve been treated.  

For centuries, they have been relentlessly persecuted and eradicated from entire countries amidst fear of attacks from locals.  Recent decades have witnessed the beginnings of a turnaround in their fortunes, with some protective measures being put into place to keep both humans and wolves safe.

But we still have a long way to go.  

Please, donate today and help us give wolves a new future where they can finally live in peace with humans, safe alongside each other.


Could help buy an electric fence, stopping wolves wandering into an area where they'd come into severe danger.

Carpathian sheepdog puppy © Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora


Could pay for the pet food needed to raise a Carpathian sheepdog puppy - an ancient breed that will keep wolves away from livestock.


Could pay for specialist vets to be part of the wildlife intervention team that saves wolves from immediate danger.

© Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora


Could help pay for replacement car parts, as off-road vehicles are worn out travelling to remote areas where wolves are most common.

What is the biggest threat to grey wolves? 

For centuries, wolves around the world have faced persecution. Understandably, many people living close to wolves fear that they will attack livestock, or even humans. However, whilst this does happen on occasion, it is much, much rarer than many people believe – wolves have actually developed a deep fear of humans due to historical conflict and typically avoid close encounters where they can.

Why do wolves and people come into conflict? 

Sadly – today – it is becoming harder and harder for wolves to stay out of the way of people.   

As humans rapidly encroach on traditional wolf territory, the chances of them encountering each other is increased significantly, as is the chance of conflict.  

As a result, grey wolves have now been completely eradicated from the UK, and most of Western Europe, Japan, Mexico and large parts of the USA. Today they are restricted to just two thirds of their original territory. 

Wolves with houses in the background. © Andres M. Dominguez / Nature Picture Library

Wolves with houses in the background. © Andres M. Dominguez / Nature Picture Library

When wolves stray too close to villages they are unknowingly in huge danger. It's vital we can keep them from leaving the safety of the forest.

How can we help grey wolves? 

Saving grey wolves will ultimately depend on humanity’s ability to coexist with them. This means it is vital to put conflict mitigation measures in place – and we must do it quickly. 

Through your donations, Fauna & Flora is supporting local farmers to install protective fences around livestock areas, significantly reducing the risk of wolf attacks.  

We’re also offering farmers an exciting and unique solution: sheepdog puppies! These intelligent dogs can be trained to deter wolves and stop them approaching human settlements, helping reduce the number of incidences of livestock predation and retaliatory wolf killings. 

Romania sheep dog puppy. © Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora

Romania sheep dog puppy. © Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora

This rare and ancient breed of sheepdog puppy could be the silver bullet that saves these wolves. With your help, we can raise them and distribute them to the shepherds living closest to wolves - removing the need for conflict.

Why Fauna & Flora? 

Fauna & Flora has decades of experience working in the Carpathian Mountains, and has a network of hundreds of people who live closest to wolves.

By using that network, we always know when wolves are most in danger and can be sure we fix the problem before a wolf is killed – we just need the funding to do so.

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