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Jaguar. © Ludovic / Adobe Stock

Jaguar. © Ludovic / Adobe Stock

Help save jaguars from extinction

Please donate

Please help save jaguars

Your gift could help pay for one community warden to patrol the jaguar’s jungle home

Jaguar populations shrinking rapidly as global numbers plummet 25% in three generations

Jaguars were once worshipped as gods. Today, they are being decimated across their range.  

33 of 34 subpopulations are considered Endangered or Critically Endangered. We must act now to ensure we don’t lose them forever. 

Please donate now and help protect the jaguar’s last remaining strongholds. With your support, we can ensure they remain free to roam the wild. 


Could help purchase a drone, allowing the team to accurately track and monitor jaguars from a safe distance.

Hem Manita / Fauna & Flora


Could buy a pair of boots for a ranger - replacing those worn out from countless miles of patrolling.


Could help provide the local team with a hammock and sleeping bag - allowing them to sleep out safely off the forest floor when on missions.


Could provide a ranger team with a week's rations - helping them stay on the move to keep threats at bay.

What is the biggest threat to jaguars? 

Habitat loss is the greatest threat to jaguars – commercial agriculture, farming and infrastructure development are fragmenting jaguar habitats and this has had a huge negative impact on jaguars.  

These apex predators, capable of travelling up to 10km in a single night, need lots of space to hunt, breed and roam in. As forest cover declines, these big cats are often forced closer to farmland and we are rapidly seeing an increase in instances of human-wildlife conflict. Livestock farmers may sometimes kill jaguars in response to, or anticipation of, the killing of their cattle. 

Opportunistic hunting is also putting huge pressure on jaguar populations. Their paws and teeth are coveted items, often kept as symbols of status and wealth, displayed as ornamental trophies in some people’s homes. Jaguar body parts are also used in traditional medicines in some areas of the world, and sadly demand for jaguar bone is rising in some areas as a replacement for tiger bone in traditional medicines. 

Deforestation of jaguar habitat is causing immense problems for these wonderful creatures.

What is Fauna & Flora doing to save jaguars? 

Fauna & Flora is working tirelessly to save jaguars through habitat protection, population monitoring and human-jaguar conflict mitigation. 

But more is needed. 

Through your donations, we can train new rangers to conduct patrols to protect jaguar habitats, and step up our work supporting local farmers, helping to put an end to the retaliatory killings of jaguars. 

Jaguars are already virtually extinct in the northern part of their original range – we must make sure we have the funds to support staff and rangers in the region so that they can protect the surviving big cats.   

What do we need to help protect jaguars? 

Your donations could purchase essential boots, hammocks and sleeping bags to help send out community wardens on regular patrols, deterring potential illegal logging activities which could further damage the jaguar’s dwindling forest home. Through this work, we can restore and preserve vital forest corridors, allowing jaguars to safely feed and reproduce. 

Your funds could also support the crucial conservation staff who work alongside local communities and farmers, helping put an end to fatal human-jaguar conflict. Through education initiatives and compensation for lost livestock, we could help stop the retaliatory killing of these precious creatures. 

Jaguar relocation. © Fabienne Lefeuvre / Ya'axche Conservation Trust

Jaguar relocation. © Fabienne Lefeuvre / Ya'axche Conservation Trust

A jaguar trapped on a farm in Belize awaits relocation. Human-wildlife conflict mitigation is an essential element for saving jaguars. Credit: Fabienne Lefeuvre, Ya'axche Conservation Trust.

How could my donation save jaguars? 

In order to save what remains of the jaguar’s range, it is crucial we scale up our work protecting jaguar habitats in South America. We need your support to put in place more patrols, helping to deter those who would destroy the forest and hunt jaguars. Your donation could help us to purchase essential equipment for community rangers. 

Your donations could also help provide salaries for staff who work closely with local communities, helping to mitigate human-wildlife conflict. It is only by working closely with these local people, who actually live alongside jaguars, that we have a real chance of saving this wonderful species. 

Why Fauna & Flora? 

Fauna & Flora has been working across the Americas throughout our long history, and today our work in the region is largely focused on Central America and the Caribbean. We’ve been supporting partners in Belize, a haven for jaguars, for over 20 years, and we’ve previously helped protect 10,000 hectares of Ecuadorian forest that jaguars call home. 

If we’re going to save jaguars, the experience and connections built up from our extensive work in the region will be indispensable. But we cannot do it without your support. 

Please donate now, and together we could save jaguars. 

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