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Union Island gecko. © Jacob Bock / Fauna & Flora

Union Island gecko. © Jacob Bock / Fauna & Flora

The critically endangered gecko that needs help

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Please help save the Union Island gecko

Your donation could help protect this lizard from poachers

Widespread poaching for the pet trade has almost wiped out populations and destroyed habitats - in just ten years.

Poachers are stealing the striking Union Island gecko to meet the demand of the exotic pet trade, even though this is illegal. As a result, the population of this beautiful lizard decreased by 80% in a single decade. 

It is heartbreaking. 

To help save this unique creature from extinction, we need to help stop poaching by supporting wardens to protect its habitat. 

But time is against us. If we don’t help this amazing little lizard now, it will soon disappear. 

By helping us train and equip anti-poaching wardens, you can help protect the gecko’s future.  


could help pay for a community workshop, so the people who live closest to these animals can come together for their protection.


could help train a warden, who would deter poachers from entering the area, and keep geckos and their habitat safe.


could help rent an all-terrain vehicle for a week, so our teams can reach remote areas.


could help pay for a camera so we can monitor the lizard's habitat.

What are the biggest threats to Union Island geckos? 

Illegal collection is the biggest threat to both the geckos themselves and their habitat, with poachers damaging the fragile ecosystem in their search for the reptiles. Their tiny size and sensitive nature make them very prone to any kind of disturbance and to the slightest changes in their habitat. 

The situation is critical. 

We need to help protect these geckos by providing a safe and peaceful place where they can live free from the constant threat of poaching and in an environment where they can thrive.

The Union Island gecko's unique markings and eye colour have made it a prime target for the illegal pet trade. Most people buying them won't have any idea how destructive their capture has been.

How your support can help save the Union Island Gecko 

Every single one of these tiny animals is found within a tiny area, of a tiny forest, on a tiny island. 

And while that presents a huge challenge to their conservation (if we lose this area, we lose the species), it also means we can approach things in a different way to usual. 

Because, with the right resources, it’s feasible that we can simply monitor and protect their entire global habitat. 

Your support will be crucial to this. We need your help to put warden patrols into the forest to deter gecko poachers, and install cameras throughout its habitat in order to monitor these animals and any suspicious activity within their home range. 

For an organisation like Fauna & Flora – which has experience protecting animals across vast areas – this is something we have no doubts we can do, provided that we can raise the funds. 

So please donate and help save these wonderful creatures.  

Union Island © Jacob Bock / Fauna & Flora

Union Island © Jacob Bock / Fauna & Flora

This tiny island encompasses the Union Island gecko's entire world. With your help, local people want to turn it into a sanctuary for them.

Why Fauna & Flora? 

What we do works.

Fauna & Flora is one of the most effective conservation and poaching prevention organisations in the world.  

We have over a century of experience and work with passionate and skilled local partners. We have been working with the Union Island gecko for over ten years, and have seen truly exceptional results. 

With your support we can capitalise on that work, and ensure its effects are felt for generations to come.

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