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Clouded leopard. © slowmotiongli / Adobe Stock

Clouded leopard. © slowmotiongli / Adobe Stock

Help save clouded leopards from extinction

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Please help save clouded leopards

Your gift could help train and equip a community warden.

Clouded leopards on the brink – under 10,000 remain.

Clouded leopards are one of the world’s most mysterious animals, but they could soon vanish completely. 

Their numbers are dropping rapidly and, unless we act now, their species could soon be on the very brink of extinction. 

Please donate now and help keep clouded leopards safe. With your support, we can provide these beautiful cats and their habitat with the protection that is desperately needed. 


could help pay for a GPS kit, allowing wardens to coordinate their patrols to the most vulnerable areas.


could pay for a hammock, rucksack and camping gear for one warden, allowing them to sleep safely in dense forest.


could pay for one pair of patrol boots, to replace those worn out by wardens through hour after hour of patrolling.

Fauna & Flora, crocodile wardens investigate crocodile nest. IPTC - Credit © Hem Manita / Fauna & Flora


could help pay for protective clothing, helping wardens to carry out essential patrols in the area.

What is the biggest threat to clouded leopards? 

Rampant habitat loss is the main threat to the survival of these stunning cats. As rapid human expansion continues at an unprecedented rate, agricultural expansion and industrial logging is seeing their rainforest torn apart. 

In areas such as the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia, the fragmentation of their forest is driving clouded leopards into areas where lethal snares are concentrated. 

Despite being protected by law, clouded leopards also continue to be illegally hunted for their coats, bones, teeth and even their meat. Many farmers also kill clouded leopards in retaliation for the killing of their livestock. 

How many clouded leopards are left? 

Being one of the world’s most mysterious animals – only officially recorded as a species by science in 1821 – their exact number is not known. However, estimates put their numbers at fewer than 10,000 left in the wild. 

But there’s still time to save them. With your support, we can ensure the survival of these incredible creatures. 

The clouded leopard's habitat is being lost at a truly terrifying rate. This is exacerbating the snaring issue, and making wardens all the more crucial.

What is Fauna & Flora doing to save clouded leopards? 

Fauna & Flora is helping to train and equip dedicated community wardens who can carry out regular patrols in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains, helping to remove snares and stop illegal activity destroying the rainforest. 

But we must do more. 

Through your donations, Fauna & Flora could train more wardens and supply them with essential equipment such as boots and raincoats, so they can carry out this essential monitoring work. 

The conditions they must deal with each day are extremely challenging – wading through and kayaking down rivers, and trekking through dense jungle, are a daily occurrence for these brave men and women. 

What do wardens need? 

Wardens need raincoats, boots, sleeping bags and rucksacks to allow them to carry out vital patrols and spend successive days and nights in the field. 

In addition, patrol teams need GPS systems to help them navigate the dense rainforests of Cambodia, and to help specialists coordinate their movement. 

Providing these wardens with the essential equipment they need could enable them to ramp up their operations, increase the frequency and range of their patrols, remove more snares, deter poachers and loggers, and help to keep clouded leopards safe.  

Clouded leopards are facing a snaring crisis. With your help, we can save their lives and give their species a future.

Why Fauna & Flora? 

Fauna & Flora is the world’s oldest international conservation organisation. Our work in Asia-Pacific spans the entire region, where we are at the forefront of safeguarding vital habitats. 

Our extensive experience and understanding of the region, in addition to the connections we have built up working alongside dedicated local people and governments, will be of immense value in helping to save the clouded leopard. But your support makes all the difference. 

Please donate now, and together we could save the clouded leopard. 

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