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Chimp using a tool. © Anup Shah / Nature Picture Library

Chimp using a tool. © Anup Shah / Nature Picture Library

Backed into a corner

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Please help us save chimpanzees

Your donation could help buy ranger supplies

Soon chimpanzees will have nowhere left to go

Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, sharing 98% of our DNA.

But they are in crisis. Human development is carving up their habitat, leaving them scared, stranded and helpless against poachers.

They urgently need your help. If we don’t act now, their future looks bleak.

Donate today, and you could help save chimpanzees – let’s give these extraordinary, intelligent creatures a future to look forward to.

Why are chimpanzees under threat?

One hundred years ago, chimpanzee populations were thriving across tropical Africa. But today, rapid human encroachment – mainly from logging, mining operations and oil pipelines – has expelled them from much of their natural habitat.

Stripped of their forest haven, these chimps face life-threatening dangers.

Left stranded in small areas of forest, they’re easy prey for poachers.

Adult chimpanzees are hunted for their meat, while the juveniles are captured, caged and sold into captivity as exotic pets or circus performers.

If we let this continue, chimpanzees will be on a fast-track to extinction. But with your help, we can take action.

Chimpanzees can be saved

© Abeselom Zerit / Adobe Stock

Chimpanzee communities are among the most incredible in the natural world. They use medicine, create tools and form exceptionally deep family bonds - making it all the more tragic when they are torn apart by poaching.

What your donation could do


would help pay for crucial surveys of the chimpanzees' habitat.


would help pay for a GPS unit, to allow community rangers to navigate the forest. 


would help pay for equipment for one community ranger, including waterproofs, a backpack and a torch.


would provide a day's rations for a team, allowing them to stay on the move protecting chimpanzees.

How is Fauna & Flora saving chimpanzees?

Fauna & Flora’s conservation teams are deployed across Africa, protecting chimpanzees from harm every single day.

In western Uganda, we’re working with local people to re-establish forest corridors between chimpanzee strongholds, granting them safe passage between key areas of habitat. These areas of forests are lifelines for chimps.

Meanwhile, in West Africa, we’re working closely with the governments in Liberia and Guinea – also home to key chimp habitats – to implement a critical regional chimpanzee action plan which will grant them greater legal protection.

Even in countries affected by civil war, such as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Fauna & Flora is hard at work, training and equipping rangers who patrol the bush and keep chimpanzees safe from poachers.

Your donations could help support all this and more. With your help we can continue to protect chimps across Africa, saving their lives and safeguarding their futures.

Chimpanzees, saved and released

Image credit: Jeremy Holden/Fauna & Flora

Chimpanzees that were released back into the wild.

Why Fauna & Flora?

Fauna & Flora has 120 years of experience protecting endangered species and a track record of making a real difference.

We place emphasis on working alongside local people and finding solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Our decades of experience working in Africa make us experts in chimp conservation, ensuring that every bit of your donation is put to good use.

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