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Asian elephant. © Chaiphorn / AdobeStock

Asian elephant. © Chaiphorn / AdobeStock

Help save Asian elephants

Please donate

Please help save Asian elephants

Your gift could help purchase tracking collars to stop deadly human-elephant conflict

Asian elephants under immense pressure as their populations become increasingly fragmented.

Asian elephants are outnumbered by their African cousins by 10:1. Just 50,000 are left in the wild. 

They are under severe pressure throughout their range, and unless we act now, they could soon disappear entirely from countries like Vietnam. 

Please donate now and help put an end to deadly human-elephant conflict. With your support, we can put the vital measures in place to save Asian elephants. 


Could help purchase a drone, allowing the team to accurately track and monitor the elephants from a safe distance.

An African forest elephant being fitted with a satellite tracking collar in Guinea. © Ruben Bañuelos Bons / Fauna & Flora

An African forest elephant being fitted with a satellite tracking collar in Guinea. © Ruben Bañuelos Bons / Fauna & Flora


Could help fund the tranquilising and collaring of one elephant.


Could help provide the local team with the fuel, wages and equipment for one emergency response - sending elephants back to the forest and avoiding any loss of life for either humans or wildlife.

Chilli plant. © sapgreen / AdobeStock.

Chilli plant. © sapgreen / AdobeStock.


Could help pay for a sack of chilli seeds, which - with elephants’ proverbially long memories - could keep their herds away from crops for decades to come.

What is the biggest threat to Asian elephants? 

The greatest threat to Asian elephants is conflict with humans driven by habitat loss. As their forest homes are destroyed and agricultural encroachment continues, Asian elephants are forced into close contact with humans – often with fatal consequences. 

While human-elephant conflict is undoubtedly the greatest threat to the existence of Asian elephants, poaching for their ivory, meat and even their skin is also taking a severe toll on their numbers and placing their fragmented populations under immense pressure. 

Asian elephant numbers are critically low and without help they won't last much longer.

What is Fauna & Flora doing to save Asian elephants? 

Fauna & Flora is supporting anti-poaching and conflict mitigation measures to help save Asian elephants throughout their range. 

But more is needed. 

Through your donation, Fauna & Flora could invest in innovative and effective measures like tracking collars and chilli fencing to prevent poaching and reduce human-elephant conflict. 

What do we need to prevent human-wildlife conflict? 

In some countries numbers have fallen below 100 – it is in these high-risk areas we need to obtain telemetry collars and fit them on the elephants so we can carefully track their movements, and safely intervene before fatal human-elephant conflict can take place. 

We also need funding to implement critical long-term approaches to safely separate elephants from humans. Physical fences are easily trampled down by elephants and ditches pose dangers of breaking the elephant calves’ legs, so we’re looking at innovative alternatives such as chilli fencing that could safely keep elephants out of farmland. 

Elephants hate chillies and constantly eat as they walk – so if we plant chillies around the borders of safe forest areas, elephants will be turned back to safety whenever they reach the forest edge. 

With your donation, we can set to work putting these measures in place to ensure no more Asian elephants are needlessly killed. 

An elephant collar. © Steph Baker / Fauna & Flora

An elephant collar. © Steph Baker / Fauna & Flora

One of the elephant collars we hope to use in our landmark new elephant project in Vietnam.

How could my donation save Asian elephants? 

Your donations could make a huge difference to our work. 

They could be used to pay for specialist veterinary teams to safely fit the elephants with telemetry collars. They’ll then be used to pay for the tech to constantly monitor elephants, and for the emergency response teams who rush out to stop conflict situations. 

On top of that they’ll help fund these innovative new methods of keeping elephants and humans separate. They could help purchase sacks of chilli seeds to plant around border regions, and help pay for the cultivation of those crops 

With resources like those, we can ensure these animals remain free to roam the wild without fear.  

Why Fauna & Flora? 

As the world’s oldest international conservation organisation, we have a huge wealth of knowledge to draw upon when it comes to saving threatened species like the Asian elephant. In Asia-Pacific alone, we have decades of experience. 

In order to save Asian elephants, this understanding of the region and experience working alongside local communities, NGOs and governments will be indispensable. But it will only be possible with your support. 

Please donate now, and together we could save these gentle giants. 

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