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The Golden Stream River spring. Credit: Juan Pablo Moreiras / Fauna & Flora

The Golden Stream River spring. Credit: Juan Pablo Moreiras / Fauna & Flora

Supporting conservation in the Maya Golden Landscape


Ya’axché Conservation Trust, established in 1998, is an organisation with substantial technical capacity, and a growing impact and reputation in Belize. As a founder and long-standing partner, Fauna & Flora has helped empower Ya’axché to become an extremely effective and highly regarded conservation organisation.

Our partnership has enabled the ongoing protection of a critically important biodiversity corridor, the Maya Golden Landscape, which links the Maya Mountains and the Caribbean Sea.

Within this landscape, we are supporting Ya’axché’s crucial work to manage the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve and Bladen Nature Reserve. Bladen is the biological crown jewel of Belize’s protected areas system and plays a vital role in preserving the quality of the water draining onto the Belize Barrier Reef. Ya’axché works with the primarily indigenous communities that buffer the protected areas, providing training and technical support in eco-friendly methods of farming and the use of natural resources, while striving to retain many of the traditional Mayan methods and crops.

We are grateful for financial support from the Lotex Foundation, the Holloman Price Foundation and Arcadia – a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing & Peter Baldwin.