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Bladen Nature Reserve, Belize. Credit: Steven Brewer

Bladen Nature Reserve, Belize. Credit: Steven Brewer

Protecting rosewood from illegal logging in Belize


The world’s most trafficked wildlife product is rosewood, a tropical timber tree from the Dalbergia genus that generates more revenue than elephant ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts combined.

Through the its work on threatened trees, Fauna & Flora is supporting its partner in Belize, Ya’axché Conservation Trust, to protect high-priority populations of one rosewood species – the Honduran rosewood. Ya’axché’s ranger teams are patrolling key areas of tropical rainforest in southern Belize, helping to reduce the threat from illegal logging significantly. Ya’axché is also monitoring the survival and growth of rosewood populations, and this vital information is being shared with Belize’s Forest Department to help inform management of the species across the country.

We are grateful for financial support from Fondation Franklinia.