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Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys © Le Khac Quyet / Fauna & Flora

© Le Khac Quyet / Fauna & Flora

Conserving the critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkey in Vietnam

Project lead: Lam Van Hoang

Fauna & Flora is building community-led conservation initiatives across critical forest habitats to protect the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey from habitat loss and hunting. 

Our work with Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys 

We have focused on community-led conservation by engaging local communities in species monitoring and habitat protection. Our work in the Khau Ca species and habitat conservation area is the first successful model of spatial-use forest management. It has demonstrated the importance of communities in establishing sustainable conservation initiatives. Fauna & Flora has also developed a species conservation action plan for these sites, and we are raising awareness about this endemic primate. 

Fauna & Flora built the Khau Ca and Tung Vai conservation field station and continues to support community-based patrol groups in Quan Ba and Ha Giang, with five patrol groups. Fauna & Flora is currently planning mitigation strategies to protect forest quality for the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. 

Project goals 

We aim to conserve Khau Ca forest, which is home to the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey and other rare species, build capacity for partners and provide sustainable livelihoods for the local community. 

Our impact

Whilst the species is still listed as critically endangered by the IUCN, through Fauna & Flora’s work the population in Ha Giang has increased by at least 75%. 

Project timeline


    Improved eco-stove programme (for cardamon drying and household use).

    Magnolia seedlings © David Gill / Fauna & Flora

    Magnolia seedlings © David Gill / Fauna & Flora


    Established three nurseries to produce seedlings to plant out in the forest to improve forest quality and habitat corridors.


    Established a habitat corridor.


    Built the Tung Vai conservation field station.

    Vietnam forest. © Oliver Wearn / Fauna & Flora

    Vietnam forest. © Oliver Wearn / Fauna & Flora


    Second survey conducted. Both surveys lead to the discovery of two populations of Tonkin snub-nosed monkey in Khau Ca forest. 


    Built Khau Ca field station.


    First survey led by Fauna & Flora to confirm presence of Tonkin snubnosed monkey populations.

Project partners

This project is delivered in partnership with Ha Giang Forest Protection Department and Quan Ba Forest Protection Department. 


We are grateful for financial support from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Lucille Foundation, Fota Wildlife Park, Arcadia, Halcyon Land & Sea. 

Tonkin snub-nosed monkey © Nguyen Van Truong / Fauna & Flora

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Tonkin snub-nosed monkey © Nguyen Van Truong / Fauna & Flora

Lam Van Hoang profile picture

Lam Van Hoang

Country Director, Vietnam Programme

Lam leads Fauna & Flora’s Vietnam Programme and has been working on biodiversity conservation in Vietnam for 26 years. He provides technical support to establish and develop community-based conservation interventions, gazette new protected areas and build management capacity. Lam’s interest and expertise are in community-based conservation and protected area governance.