Indonesia is home to more than 100 critically endangered tree species, many of which require urgent conservation action to prevent their extinction. Despite threats from logging and loss of forest to oil palm plantations, very few tree species are subject to legal protection or conservation action. Through the Global Trees Campaign, FFI and local partners are supporting the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to develop and implement a national action plan for the country’s most threatened trees. Species to benefit from the plan include dipterocarps (the giant ‘skyscrapers’ of Southeast Asia’s forests), ironwoods (mighty trees that produce one of the world’s hardest timbers) and durians (which produce gigantic pungent fruits that are either irresistible or repulsive, depending on your taste). FFI is also working on the ground to guide the implementation of the action plan, helping local government and community groups to effectively protect and replant these remarkable species in Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra.