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© Yanuar Ishaq Dc / Fauna & Flora

© Yanuar Ishaq Dc / Fauna & Flora

Catalysing action for Indonesia’s threatened trees

Project lead: Arief Hamidi

Fauna & Flora and local partners are supporting the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to develop and implement a national action plan for Indonesia’s most threatened tree species.

Indonesia is home to more than 100 critically endangered tree species. Fauna & Flora is working on the ground to guide the implementation of an action plan, helping local government and community groups to effectively protect and replant these remarkable species in Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and Sumatra.

Species to benefit from the plan include dipterocarps, the giant ‘skyscrapers’ of Southeast Asia’s forests; ironwood, mighty trees that produce one of the world’s hardest timbers; and durian, which produce large fruit that are very distinct in flavour.

Project goals

We aim to carry out effective and sustained conservation action for Indonesia’s threatened tree species with four key outcomes:

  • Land managers (village forest and protected area rangers) from at least five organisations have the necessary information and skills to address threats and are better able to develop and deliver effective threatened tree conservation projects.
  • At least three organisations take new action for threatened trees, following training and provision of small grants.
  • Protection of threatened trees becomes embedded within at least two local management plans or regulations.
  • At least 10 organisations are actively collaborating and sharing information on threatened tree conservation, providing a means to continue to identify and develop conservation initiatives for trees beyond the lifetime of the project.

Project timeline


    Small grant programme initiated, three new actions emerged to conserve threatened trees.

    © Edy Susanto / Fauna & Flora

    © Edy Susanto / Fauna & Flora


    Three top priority tree species assessed under IUCN Red List as result of collaborative work within Forum Pohon Langka Indonesia (FPLI).


    Publication of “National Conservation Strategy of 12 priority tree species 2019-2029″ by FPLI and BRIN.

    © Yanuar Ishaq Dc / Fauna & Flora

    © Yanuar Ishaq Dc / Fauna & Flora


    Established the Indonesia Threatened Trees Forum (FPLI), an expert group in developing strategy and action plans for tree conservation across Indonesia.

Our impact

More than 90 people from at least 30 organisations from various backgrounds joined the Indonesia Threatened Trees Forum (Forum Pohon Langka Indonesia – FPLI), and actively shared information and learning about threatened tree conservation across the country.

Project partners

This project is delivered in partnership mainly with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Forum Pohon Langka Indonesia (FPLI), National Research and Innovation Agency (Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional, BRIN) and Bogor Botanic Garden – BRIN


This project was made possible with funding from the Franklinia Foundation.

© Yanuar Ishaq Dc / Fauna & Flora

Saving nature together

We’re working with our partners around the world to protect and restore vital habitats and the threatened species that depend on them.

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© Yanuar Ishaq Dc / Fauna & Flora

Arief Hamidi

Fauna & Flora National Botanist, Indonesia

Arief joined Fauna & Flora’s Indonesia Programme in December 2013 as Senior Botanist in the biodiversity and carbon team. He earned his Masters degree in Environmental Biology (MSc) from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) focusing on floristic stewardship in Mount Papandayan Nature Reserve, Indonesia. Prior to his journey with Fauna & Flora, he has been involved in many expeditions, assessments and conservation projects around Indonesia which have enriched his skills and knowledge of floristic and plant ecology. His hope is to be able to explore and report more on floral diversity, especially threatened and protected species, as well as related conservation actions in Indonesia.