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Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. That is a familiar definition but what it really means for most of us is the number and variety of species. Fauna & Flora International (FFI) works to protect countless species through our conservation programmes.

We carry out monitoring to find out how the plant or animal is faring and raise awareness in local communities about its importance.

And often most importantly, we secure the species’ habitat, without which it cannot survive.

Our teams don’t just work to protect charismatic species. We have a soft spot for the underdog. For instance, we have long championed the importance of protecting reptiles on Caribbean islands, such as the Antiguan racer snake.

Many of these species were on the brink of extinction due to invasive rats and mongoose, which is why FFI’s efforts to create safe havens were so important.

The below represents just a selection of the species we work on.

We also appreciate the value of flagship species. A large popular species can attract funding for protecting a habitat that supports many more species and can also be a ‘keystone’ species, meaning its loss would cause the ecosystem to collapse.

Tonkins snub nosed monkey

The Tonkin snub-nosed monkey is a classic example. FFI has successfully created a reserve in northern Vietnam to secure its fragile karst limestone forest habitat, home to macaques, lorises, small carnivores and rare plants species.

We’ve had many success stories over the years, such as the Pemba flying fox. The bat has been downlisted from the Critically Endangered to Vulnerable category on the IUCN Red List thanks to FFI’s conservation actions.

And it’s not just animals that we work to save. Our name is Fauna & Flora International after all.

FFI is working with local Chinese partners to raise and replant seedlings of the endangered magnolia, Magnolia sinica.

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