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Elephants in Kenya. Credit: Juan Pablo Moreiras/FFI.

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Iberian lynx cubs.

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Sumatran tiger

Saving the Sumatran tiger

Most recent surveys indicate there are around 500 Sumatran tigers existing in the wild. One of the main threats to Sumatran tigers is poaching. Hunters trap or shoot them for their skin and bones, which are in high demand in Asian traditional medicine while there is still demand for skins both in Indonesia and overseas

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) works in Indonesia to combat Sumatran tiger poaching and protect the big cat's habitat through patrolling. Support our appeal to help save the Sumatran tiger.

Our vision

our vision

A sustainable future for the planet, where biodiversity is effectively conserved by the people who live closest to it, supported by the global community.

Our Mission

our mission

To act to conserve threatened species & ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science & take into account human needs.

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