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Business & biodiversity

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) works with the private sector to build long-term strategies for environmental management. Companies depend on the environment to function.

For example, a mine operation may rely on the local watershed to supply water for extracting ore and other activities. If the the watershed’s forests are degraded, water flow will be affected and the mine may find it difficult to source the water it needs, putting the business at risk.

We believe that business value is gained through the knowledge that resources are not being depleted and impacts are within limits acceptable to local communities, customers and investors alike.

FFI helps companies to manage their dependencies and impacts on the environment though constructive engagement.

We operate at three levels with businesses:

• with the influencers of business such as governments, the finance sector and intergovernmental organisations to ensure they adequately address biodiversity issues and thus promote change through the private sector;

• directly with businesses whose operations can significantly impact on wildlife areas and species;

• with small and medium sized enterprises to help them minimise their impacts on biodiversity.

“Businesses cannot function without the services that a healthy ecosystem provides, such as water, food, fertile soils and a stable climate. The impact on businesses when these things are degraded, under stress or out-of-balance is almost invariably negative.”
Pippa Howard, Director Business & Biodiversity Programme.

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