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Equal Opportunities Policy


    The purpose of Fauna & Flora’s Equal Opportunities Policy is:

    • To set out Fauna & Flora’s commitment to equality of opportunity and a working environment that is underpinned by fairness to all individuals
    • To ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive working environment, which is free from intimidation, threats, discrimination, bullying or harassment
    • To ensure that Fauna & Flora recruits, rewards and develops its people on the basis of merit, skills, qualifications, competencies and Fauna & Flora’s business need and available resources alone
    • To communicate clearly Fauna & Flora’s zero-tolerance of any form of discrimination
    • To communicate clearly Fauna & Flora responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010, including the responsibility to make reasonable adjustments
    • To define the terms ‘discrimination’, ‘harassment’ and ‘victimisation’ and provide examples, so that there is a clear understanding of the types of conduct that are prohibited
    • To communicate the importance of reporting incidents of discrimination
    • To communicate the procedures in place to manage incidents of discrimination

    Equal Opportunities Policy

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