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Biodiversity Credits – Fauna & Flora Position Statement


Guidance document Biodiversity & business

    The emerging market for biodiversity credits has the potential to drive significant additional finance into conservation, which will be crucial in achieving the goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) and the Paris Agreement. Fauna & Flora is keen to ensure this funding flows to locally-led approaches. We see this as the only route to legitimacy and sustainability in conservation, because local people, organizations and individuals are best suited to identify and implement appropriate conservation actions, and should be enabled, equipped and funded to do so.

    While biodiversity credits could play an important role in scaling up the depth and breadth of action for nature that is required to transition to a nature-positive and net-zero world; innovative and impact-driven market mechanisms such as these require careful design and good governance to drive the desired outcomes and avoid or minimise unintended ones.

    Fauna & Flora is engaging strategically at the outset of this nascent market opportunity. Our objective is to help shape biodiversity credits and harness their potential to provide crucial sustainable finance for locally-led nature protection and restoration.

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