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© Szilárd Bücs.

© Szilárd Bücs.

Conservation Leadership Programme

For well over three decades, the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) has been at the forefront of efforts to identify, support and nurture some of the most talented and promising early-career conservationists in the world – individuals who represent the future of global conservation.

Drawing on the expertise of its three partners – Fauna & Flora, BirdLife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society – CLP provides grants, training, mentoring and networking opportunities to these potential leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with the necessary skills, tools and resources to tackle some of the most pressing conservation challenges in their own countries.

Since its formation, the programme has funded more than 600 projects and 80 internships in over 100 countries, and helped to kick-start the careers of over 2,500 people who now make up a thriving worldwide cohort of conservationists. Many past award-winners have gone on to work full-time in conservation and, in some cases, are now pre-eminent in their chosen field.

CLP awards not only develop future conservation leaders, but also support projects that bring about real conservation benefits for threatened species and habitats. Award winners have contributed to the discovery or rediscovery of more than 100 species, helped to secure protected area status for numerous globally important havens of biodiversity and established a string of grass-roots organisations, many of which can trace their origins to the initial support received from the programme.

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