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Hawksbill turtle © Zafer Kizilkaya

Hawksbill turtle © Zafer Kizilkaya

Stolen from the sand

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They once swam side by side with plesiosaurs. But – unless we act now – we could lose them forever.

Sea turtles have thrived for over 100 million years, only to be brought to the edge of extinction in the blink of an eye by a tidal wave of egg poaching.

Some experts have said we have less than 10 years to turn it around for some turtle species.

There is no time to waste. Please – help us to act quickly, and donate today.

Why are turtles endangered?

Every year, female sea turtles haul themselves out of the water to reach their nesting site – undergoing a massive effort to lay their eggs, bury them and return to the water. It’s in this moment that the next generation of turtles is uniquely vulnerable.

And it’s also the moment when poachers strike.

Raiding the nests, they seize eggs by the handful – taking them away to be eaten at home or sold in markets. For many turtle populations, it’s been more than their dwindling numbers can bear.

Leatherback turtle. © Jorge Martinez / Fauna & Flora

Leatherback turtle. © Jorge Martinez / Fauna & Flora

Leatherback turtle hatchlings have a short but extremely hazardous journey to reach the sea - but Fauna & Flora is working hard to increase their chances of survival.

How is Fauna & Flora helping turtles?

Fauna & Flora is working with many turtle species around the world – from leatherbacks, to loggerheads, to hawksbills.

If we can act now and scale up protection, their numbers can still stabilise. That’s why we’re asking for a donation today that could help keep them safe.

By donating today you could help pay for aerial surveys so we can pinpoint exactly where vulnerable eggs have been laid, and help pay for beach patrollers to protect the eggs on the ground. It is only through your support that we are able to provide them with essential equipment like boots, protective clothing and GPS systems.

With your help we can scale up our work with local people, increasing beach patrols and protecting turtle eggs and hatchlings, helping to release thousands more turtles back into the ocean where they belong. So please, make a donation today and help save turtles.

Donate today


could help us build an entire hatchery, providing a haven for harvested eggs to hatch in safety.


could help pay for a temperature data logger, which could make sure that nests are kept at the right temperature.


could help to cover the cost of an aerial survey, so that we can pinpoint exactly where vulnerable eggs have been laid.

Hawksbill turtle. © Ally Catterick / Fauna & Flora

Hawksbill turtle. © Ally Catterick / Fauna & Flora


could pay for essential equipment for beach patrollers, including torches, raingear, walkie-talkies and identification tags.