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Mwangi Kirubi/TNC

Mwangi Kirubi/TNC

Help save mangroves from annihilation

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Help us plant and save mangroves

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Mangroves are utterly indispensable. We must plant more, and save those still standing.

Mangrove trees store more carbon than the US and China combined emit each year. At the same time, they provide a home for countless species, protect reefs from being smothered in sediment and reduce the devastation of floods and storms. 

But, instead of being revered, they’re being ripped up on a truly appalling scale. 

Please donate now to stop that happening, and to help replenish those we’ve lost. These trees are so incredible that it would be hard to find anywhere else your donation could have more positive impact. 

Why are mangroves in danger? 

Despite how vital mangroves are, these forests are being flattened for myriad reasons. 

Loggers are tearing through them for easy timber. They are being casually cleared to make room for plantations and other forms of agricultural expansion. Irresponsible industrial developments are steamrolling them for space and poisoning the waters they rely on. 

The impact of that destruction is staggering. 

20% of mangroves have been wiped out. The damage extends well beyond the mangroves themselves. These trees and their root systems provide a haven for dolphins, turtles, monkeys, birds and countless fish – huge numbers of those species are now losing their homes, and some are facing imminent extinction. 

Apomares/Getty Images

Apomares/Getty Images

Mangrove trees store more carbon than the US and China combined emit each year. This means the impact of their destruction is huge.

What is Fauna & Flora doing to save mangroves? 

To save mangroves, we need to ensure three things: we must protect those that are still left, plant new trees and then look after those new trees until they’re fully established. 

We’re doing this across the globe, working across countless crucial mangrove areas. 

But we need to do more. 

Through your donations, we can give local people more power to stand against the deforestation. We can train them in the best methods to stop encroachment and help them establish legal frameworks to protect the forests their communities have owned for generations. 

We can also work with them to restore the mangrove forests that have already been lost. Your donations can help set up the nurseries needed to plant tens of thousands of seedlings, helping to boost the surviving mangrove habitat. 

What could my donation help buy? 

Every seedling needs to be planted and tended until it’s strong enough to be moved to the wild. This takes all the resources you’d expect – compost, pots, trowels and watering equipment. 

Donations are then needed for the fuel to move those plants into the field, and for the care of the saplings once they’re growing in the wild. 

For the trees that have survived the recent wave of deforestation, your donations could help buy the patrol equipment – like boots, rucksacks, GPSs and raincoats – to help wardens deter illegal activity. These trees are particularly crucial, as they provide homes to countless other species. 

Young mangrove saplings © Camilla Rhodes / Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora are helping to replenish mangrove forests around the world.


could help buy a GPS for a warden to coordinate their patrol through at-risk forests.

Planting plot - Credit © Akylai Kabaeva / Fauna & Flora


could help equip one team member with planting equipment.


could help plant one mangrove sapling.

Split-level view of a mangrove. IPTC - Credit © Paul Colley IPTC - Country Cambodia


a month could help pay for fuel to move mangrove saplings into the field.

Why Fauna & Flora? 

Fauna & Flora is one of the most effective conservation and deforestation prevention organisations on the planet. We have over a century of experience working across the globe and are leading specialists in the coastal areas where mangroves are found. 

If we’re going to save mangroves, it will rely on constant collaborations between partners, local communities and governments. Fauna & Flora have been stewarding relationships with these parties for decades, and your donations will help us to keep turning those relationships into protective action. 

Please donate now, and together we could save these essential trees.