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African elephant. © Stephanie Foote Media

African elephant. © Stephanie Foote Media

Help save African elephants from extinction

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You could help save African elephants

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Extinction is looming for these gentle giants as a poaching crisis continues to surge.

They are the most majestic creatures on the planet. But their time is running out.  

A poaching epidemic has taken a heavy toll on these magnificent mammals: 20% of Africa’s elephant population is estimated to have been lost over the last ten years, driven by a needless demand for their ivory.  

We don’t want to be the generation that sees African elephants consigned to the history books. Please help protect African elephants and preserve their place in the natural world for generations to come.  

Why are African elephants under threat? 

African elephants’ rapid plummet towards extinction in the 20th century was driven largely by poaching for the illegal ivory trade.  

Over the past decade, a recent resurgence in the demand for ivory and the consequent explosion in poaching activity has seen shocking numbers of these magnificent animals slaughtered for their ivory. At least 20,000 African elephants are illegally killed for ivory each year. 

Other threats have also emerged, including habitat loss and fragmentation and the expansion of agricultural land, all of which make it harder for elephants to find food, water, and each other.  

As humans and elephants are being forced closer together, conflicts arise due to destroyed crops or infrastructure, with fatalities on both sides.  

To make matters worse, African elephants reproduce extremely slowly – there are simply not enough calves being born to make up for the vast losses from poaching.   

African elephant numbers have plummeted during the 20th century, driven largely by poaching for the illegal ivory trade. These days, at least 20,000 African elephants are illegally killed for ivory each year. 

How can I help save African elephants? 

Your donation could buy vital equipment needed by scouts to patrol African elephants’ vast habitat. You could help pay their wages and provide them with the kit they need to stay safe in the field, such as boots, waterproofs and camping gear.  

Your support could provide fuel for patrol vehicles, and the latest conservation technology to map, study and ultimately protect African elephants and their habitat.  

Even the simplest of equipment can be essential to save the life of an elephant. So please, donate now. 

Using modern technologies, like GPS, helps to monitor the mountain gorilla population.

Using modern technologies, like GPS, helps to monitor species. IPTC - Credit © Juan Pablo Moreiras / Fauna & Flora International


could buy a whole new GPS system, allowing patrol teams to map out and strategically plan their routes for patrolling across the huge reserves that are home to African elephants.


could operate a patrol aircraft for an hour, enabling our teams to monitor vast areas for signs of poaching.

© Edy Susanto / Fauna & Flora International


could fully equip one scout with the uniform and equipment needed to conduct patrols, including boots, waterproofs and a backpack.

Why Fauna & Flora? 

Fauna & Flora has worked to protect African elephants literally since our founding in 1903.   

In that time, we have taken huge leaps forward for elephant conservation, including devising the National Elephant Action Plan for Liberia, conducting the first-ever collaring of elephants in West Africa, and establishing one of the safest places on Earth for elephants: Chuilexi Conservancy in Mozambique.  

That’s why we’re sure that – with your help – we still have time to save African elephants.  

So please donate now to ensure their legacy continues.