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Myanmar snub-nosed monkey credit: FFI/BANCA/PRCF

Myanmar snub-nosed monkey

Latin name: Rhinopithecus strykeri

Areas: | Myanmar |

IUCN Red List conservation status

About: Myanmar snub-nosed monkey

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is a new species to science, discovered in 2010 by a team of local and international conservationists in Northern Myanmar.

It has almost entirely black fur with white only on ear tufts, chin beard and perineal area. It also has a relatively long tail, approximately 140% of its body length.

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is found in Kachin State in north-eastern Myanmar and is cut off from other related species by the Mekong and Salween Rivers.

Myanmar snub-nosed monkey facts:

  • Local people claim that these monkeys are easy to find in the rain, because they often get rainwater in their upturned noses, causing them to sneeze
  • Summer months are spent at higher altitudes in mixed temperate forests. In winter they descend closer to villages when snow fall makes food scarcer
  • With an estimated population of only around 260-330 individuals, it is expected that the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey will soon be classified as Critically Endangered by the IUCN

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is already facing serious threats, with its forest habitat coming under pressure from increased logging and development (including one of Asia’s largest hydropower development schemes).

To support these industries, new roads are being built which allow hunters and illegal loggers easy access to the mountain forests. Meanwhile, the influx of workers to the region is increasing demand for bush meat and wildlife products.

Since the beginning of 2011 Fauna & Flora International and its partners have taken immediate conservation action together with local communities to safeguard the survival of this important new species.

We are monitoring the snub-nosed monkeys using camera traps and intensive surveys, and have launched a comprehensive conservation awareness programme for local communities and Chinese construction workers.

We are also starting a community ranger programme and an alternative livelihoods programme for the forest-dependent indigenous peoples.

Download Research Article from American Journal of Primatology (PDF)

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