• Conserving threatened fruit-and-nut forests in Tajikistan

    This project is focused on the Childukhtaron and Dashitijum Nature Reserves in Tajikistan. Only 3% of the country is forested so both reserves are identified in Tajikistan’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan as two of the country’s three most valuable walnut-maple forest sites, with a rich variety of wild fruit and nut trees, including critically endangered pears, Pyrus tadshikistanica and Pyrus korshinskyi, as well as the vulnerable almond Amygdalus bucharica and apple Malus sieversii.

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  • Conserving the charismatic snow leopard

    FFI has been helping to conserve the charismatic but threatened snow leopard in Kyrgyzstan for over 13 years. Currently we continue to support the Sarychat-Ertash Reserve to improve its capacity to protect the snow leopard and other alpine species. We have also supported the governments in both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in developing national snow leopard action plans to deliver more effective coordination and management for the species.

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