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Cao vit gibbon mother with young. © Nguyễn Văn Trường / Fauna & Flora

Cao vit gibbon mother with young. © Nguyễn Văn Trường / Fauna & Flora

Transboundary cao vit gibbon conservation


Fauna & Flora works with local partners in northern Vietnam to protect the critically endangered cao vit gibbon.

Our work with cao vit gibbon

With an estimated 74 individuals remaining, the cao vit gibbon is one of the most threatened primates in the world. Fauna & Flora works with community-based patrol groups to monitor gibbon populations, plant trees and assist with law enforcement. We also work closely with the local community to reduce the threat of habitat loss in the surrounding buffer zone.

Fauna & Flora uses conservation technology to survey gibbon populations through acoustic monitoring and thermal drones – both these methods allow us to survey gibbon populations more accurately.

Our impact

Conservation efforts by Fauna & Flora and partners have helped the gibbon population to stabilise and increase, with no hunting or major habitat destruction occurring over the last 15 years. The population has doubled in 20 years and is currently over 70 individuals.

Project partners

This project is delivered in partnership with People Resource and Conservation Foundation, Cao Bang Forest Protection Department, Cao Bang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Trung Khanh Forest Protection Department and the Ranger Station of Trung Khanh SHCA.


We are grateful for financial support from the Arcus Foundation, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, the Disney Conservation Fund, the IUCN’s Save Our Species Gibbons Initiative, Twycross Zoo, the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Gibbon Taxon Advisory Group and Nature Picture Library.


Project timeline


    Results from latest population survey published – numbers revised to 74 individuals


    Developed cooperatives and social enterprises for agriculture and community tourism

    Cao vit gibbon Action Plan cover


    Produced first international action plan for the species (‘Cao Vit Gibbon Conservation Action Plan from 2021-2030 vision to 2050’)


    Habituation of the first gibbon group in Vietnam began


    Gibbon conservation team carried out scientific research and threat monitoring


    SMART software introduced to the Conservation Area.


    Vietnam and China signed transboundary agreement.


    Transboundary population survey for the species completed.


    Bangliang Nature Reserve, in Guangxi Province, China, established.


    Cao Vit Gibbon Species and Habitat Conservation Area, Vietnam, established.


    Community-based patrol teams established to support government in law enforcement and outreach work.


    Project began.

Browse a ‘storymap’ about this project

Immerse yourself in a dynamic storymap, and learn more about our work with cao vit gibbon in Cao Bang.

View the storymap

A screenshot of the Cao vit gibbon storymap.

A screenshot of the Cao vit gibbon storymap.

A screenshot of the Cao vit gibbon storymap.