This project is working to restore a range of highly threatened tree species back into Brazil’s Araucaria forest. Following large-scale conversion of forests to farmland, less than 1% of the original primary forest remains, and at least 70 species of tree are now highly threatened. Although many tree planting initiatives are under way, ironically the rare and threatened species – those in greatest need of restoration – are seldom grown and planted (partly because these species are the most difficult ones to find and grow from seed).

Through the Global Trees Campaign, FFI’s local partner Sociedade Chauá is working to ensure that the most threatened species are planted back out into the forests. Chauá’s team is working with local farmers to plant out more than 30 threatened species across the landscape. This includes the imbuia – a beautiful timber tree – and extremely rare palm trees from the genus Butia. Chauá is also helping tree nurseries and other planting initiatives in the area to learn how to grow and plant these species, so that these highly threatened trees can be returned to the Araucaria forest in larger numbers.