Fauna & Flora is working with local community groups in Northern Vietnam to conserve 17 threatened tree species found in Tung Vai Watershed Protection Area and Bat Dai Son Nature Reserve. This includes the world’s largest population of the critically endangered Magnolia grandis. 

Our work

The karst limestone hills of northern Vietnam are home to some of the world’s rarest and most remarkable trees, including several beautiful magnolias. Sadly, the area is under intense pressure from logging and agriculture.  

Fauna & Flora works closely with cardamom farmers to better protect target tree species and scale up restoration work. Planting trees not only helps to boost the population size of threatened species, but it also provides shade and increases canopy cover, protecting farmers’ crops from winter snowfall.  

Community Conservation Teams patrol both protected areas; these teams not only deter loggers but also provide data that is vital for strengthening enforcement. 

Credit: Chu Xuan Canh/Fauna & Flora

Project goals

While most of our work to date has focused on a small sub-set of threatened species in Vietnam, the newest phase of the project aims to provide a large, secure, and efficiently managed landscape for at least 17 threatened trees found within it, enhanced by our continued work with cardamom farmers and others to promote sustainable livelihoods.

Credit: Chu Xuan Canh/Fauna & Flora

Our impact

Our team has planted over 4,000 Magnolia grandis seedlings back into the landscape and we are now observing significant levels of natural regeneration of this species as a result of our work with cardamom farmers. Farmers who were previously paid to maintain the seedlings of threatened species are now continuing to do so without financial support, indicating a lasting change in attitudes towards tree conservation. 


Project status:


Project area:

122 km²


Tung Vai Watershed Protection Area & Bat Dai Son Nature Reserve, Vietnam

Project lead:

Alicky Davey, Programme Manager, Plant Conservation


  • 2022

    6,523 seedlings of threatened or associated tree species are planted

  • 2022

    800 M. grandis naturally regenerating seedlings discovered

  • 2022

    No felling or damage to Magnolia grandis trees is recorded at Tung Vai (for a sixth year running) or Bat Dai Son (first year of patrols)

  • 2022

    Project activities expand into nearby Bat Dai Son Nature Reserve

  • 2017

    1,100 M. grandis seedlings are planted.

  • 2009

    Project begins as Magnolia grandis and Magnolia coriacea are found in Vietnam.