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© Juan Pablo Moreiras / Fauna & Flora

© Juan Pablo Moreiras / Fauna & Flora

Northern Aceh forest conservation

Project lead: Dedi Kiswayadi

Fauna & Flora is collaborating with communities, local government, conservation agencies and rangers to protect threatened wildlife in Sumatra’s Northern Aceh Forest Complex.

Our work in Northern Aceh

Under the MoU with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Fauna & Flora has established close partnerships with Aceh’s Provincial Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Forest Management Units (KPHs), community rangers and the provincial government to protect and monitor the Northern Aceh Forest Complex and its biodiversity.

We are conducting routine SMART-based patrols, implementing effective and fast responses to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and combating illegal wildlife trade. We regularly conduct biodiversity monitoring to assess wildlife population trends, especially for key subspecies such as the Sumatran tiger and Sumatran elephant.

Fauna & Flora is also collaborating with communities from villages within the Northern Aceh Forest Complex to maintain forest cover and conserve its biodiversity through a village forest scheme.

Project goals

This project aims to ensure the survival of Sumatran elephants and Sumatran tigers through a comprehensive management strategy that also delivers benefits to the rural communities living around the forest complex.

Our impact

In 2021 and 2022, 12 villages in the landscape installed patrol posts and fencing and participated in patrols and human-elephant conflict mitigation.

Project timeline


    Developed strategic conservation action plan for wildlife management in Aceh.

    Sumatran tiger © Jeremy Holden / Fauna & Flora

    Sumatran tiger © Jeremy Holden / Fauna & Flora


    Promoted prospective wildlife corridor designation areas with BKSDA and provincial government.


    Integrated low emission development strategy with provincial government.

    2016 - 2017

    Involved in drafting seven governor’s decrees on environmental monitoring and management.

Project partners

This project is delivered in partnership with Aceh’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Forest Management Units (KPHs), community rangers and provincial police department.   


We are grateful for financial support from the Disney Conservation Fund, the UK government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund and Darwin Initiative, Mary Ann Dearlove and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. 

© Juan Pablo Moreiras / Fauna & Flora

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Dedi Kiswayadi

Aceh Programme Manager, Fauna & Flora Indonesia Programme