Northern Aceh Forest Complex, also known as Ulu Masen landscape, is home to protected and threatened wildlife including the Sumatran tiger, Asian elephant and Sumatran rhinoceros. FFI has established close partnerships with Aceh’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Forest Management Units (KPHs), community rangers and provincial police department to protect and monitor landscape forest and its biodiversity. This is being done through routine SMART-based patrols, effective and fast responses to incidences of human-wildlife conflict, law enforcement and illegal wildlife trade investigations. We regularly conduct biodiversity monitoring to assess wildlife population trends especially for key subspecies such as the Sumatran tiger and Sumatran elephant.

FFI is collaborating with communities from five villages within Northern Aceh Forest Complex (Blang Dalam, Blang Sukon, Kaye Jatoe, Mane, and Lutueng) to maintain forest cover and conserve its biodiversity through a village forest scheme. These village forests cover about 10,000 hectares and serve as important habitat for endangered species. FFI has worked with the communities to establish community enterprises that improve their livelihoods.

We are grateful for financial support from the Disney Conservation Fund, the UK government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund and Darwin Initiative, Mary Ann Dearlove and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.