The most significant tract of Chocó rainforest in Ecuador, the Awacachi Corridor was in grave danger of being converted to pasture and oil palm plantations. This would have destroyed vital habitat for species including endangered great green macaws, majestic jaguars and many other threatened species, as well as jeopardising a crucial wildlife corridor.

FFI stepped in to help Ecuadorian organisation Fundación Sirua protect 10,000 hectares of forest. Our core work has been to maintain and improve biodiversity through reforestation, biodiversity monitoring and conservation enforcement by locally trained rangers selected from neighbouring communities.

In addition, FFI has worked with other local partners, Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional and the Municipality of San Lorenzo, supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund to assess the ecosystem services provided by the corridor and other forested areas in this municipality, with a special emphasis on water resources. The assessment will identify essential conservation areas for the municipality to maintain those ecosystem services for the direct benefit of people and nature.