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© Fibrian Yusefa Ardi / Fauna & Flora

© Fibrian Yusefa Ardi / Fauna & Flora

Conserving ‘ridge to reef’ in Papua, Indonesia

Project lead: Andhy Priyo Sayoga

Fauna & Flora is conserving Papua’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems with support from communities, the local government and other stakeholders in the Raja Ampat archipelago and the Tambrauw mountains. 

Our work in Papua

Papua contains extensive tropical forests, coral reefs and seagrass beds home to a diverse array of wildlife. Fauna & Flora is working to build management and operational capacity and foster new means of community participation in conservation management so that the region’s terrestrial and marine biodiversity survives and thrives. 

We are doing this through awareness raising, collaborative patrolling and developing alternative livelihoods, particularly related to birdwatching and broader ecotourism activities. Additionally, we are working with communities to secure their customary rights to use natural resources in a sustainable way. 

Project goals

Fauna & Flora aims to:

  • Expand the designation of customary forests and locally managed marine areas.
  • Avoid and reduce emissions by protecting and restoring key terrestrial and marine ecosystems through local community participation.
  • Leverage long-term biodiversity investments to close financial gaps for conservation.

Fauna & Flora camera traps capture a Waigeo brush-turkey for the first time.

Our impact

The impact of destructive fishing practices has been successfully addressed in Raja Ampat and Fauna & Flora is now supporting sustainable land management to prevent further damage to the reef. We are also supporting the implementation of SMART patrols using community rangers and working with a network of local informants to tackle illegal activities such as logging and poaching.


We are grateful for financial support from the UK government’s Darwin Initiative and Oroverde-Die Tropenwaldstiftung. 

Pygmy seahorses © Zafer Kizilkaya

Saving nature together

We’re working with our partners around the world to save species from extinction. Like the pieces of a jigsaw, every last one of them is a vital part of the bigger picture.

Please support our vital work today and help save our planet’s irreplaceable biodiversity.


Pygmy seahorses © Zafer Kizilkaya

Andhy Priyo Sayoga profile picture

Andhy Priyo Sayoga

Project Manager, Indonesia Programme

Andhy’s love and passion for birds has led him to become a well-known ornithologist and bird photographer and he has written two books on the biodiversity of Indonesia.