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Nguyen Van Truong

Nguyen Van Truong

Conserving the Cat Ba langur in Cat Ba National Park


Situated on Cat Ba Archipelago, off the coast of northern Vietnam, Cat Ba National Park holds the only remaining population of Cat Ba langur, which is critically endangered and teetering on the edge of extinction.

In the 1960s the total population was believed to have been between 2,400 – 2,700 individuals, whereas today it is estimated to comprise a maximum of 50 – 60 individuals. The langur’s perilous situation is due to the negative impacts of human activities, including hunting and unsustainable tourism and infrastructure development.

Loss of individual langurs, habitat loss and the fragmentation of sub-populations on the island is making the monkey more vulnerable to decline due to living in increasingly isolated and marginalised habitats, with lower food availability, and resulting restrictions on gene flow and repopulation potential. Fauna & Flora is conserving Cat Ba langurs and their habitat through species and habitat monitoring in Cat Ba National Park, as well as supporting local authorities and law enforcement.

We are grateful for the ongoing financial support provided by Vietnamese private donors.