What are you doing to protect biodiversity?

Roughly halfway through the International Year of Biodiversity, we thought it would be inspiring to see how our supporters are doing their part to save our natural world.

We asked our e-newsletter subscribers how they had been celebrating the year. Here are a few ideas that we hope will stimulate you to get out there and take action!

“I have planted 2000 trees in the past 18 months on my private 450 acres in Hunter Valley in Sydney. I am not building a house, only restoring an old cottage with wood and tin from the local dump. I am regenerating stream banks and letting weedy areas grow in some parts as habitats for birds and insects.”
Clare Hawse

“I organised a film festival called ‘Wildscreen Aberdeen‘ in March. We ran an afternoon of free films for the members of the public and the University’s Natural History Centre took some of the films to schools in the Aberdeen area. Over 500 school children saw the films.”
Dr Sarah Dalrymple

“I am a passionate wildlife gardener and have been for many years now. Since 2003 I have entered the Wild about Gardens Scheme four times, and have won 3 Gold Awards. This competition is run by the Kent Wildlife Trust and the local council in Shepway, in Kent. I have a permanent page on the BBC Kent website.

I provide solitary bee houses and have had reasonable success with this. You will find many videos of the solitary bees and bumble bees I have taken with my camera and some USB microscope videos and pictures on YouTube.”
Miss Annette Barsby

“I try to add to biodiversity by describing new species.”
Hans Nooteboom

“I am celebrating this Year of Biodiversity by trying to pass on my enthusiasm for the natural world to the general public and discussing the awesome intricacies of global biodiversity, some of the threats and some of the urgent steps we can all take.  I am a Volunteer Guide at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  The Guides are offering free guided tours for visitors on the theme ‘Biodiversity, What’s It All About?’ at 12.00 every day.”
Jane Phillips

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Photo credit: Annette Barsby.