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Current TV has run a documentary highlighting FFI’s hard work to protect Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains. Their correspondent travelled to our project site in the heart of the rainforest and saw the devastation caused by safrole oil harvesting.

Our very own Tim Wood and Oliver Nelson were interviewed by Current TV’s Vanguard correspondent on the scale of the threat. Safrole oil is used in cosmetics but also in the illegal drug ecstasy.

watch on Current Tv website

The oil is extracted from the Mreah Prew Phnom tree in Cambodia Mountains. The illegal safrole harvesters also chop down more trees for firewood, catch wildlife for food and pollute rivers with waste from the distillation process.

FFI is taking action by conducting ranger patrols, destroying distilleries and confiscating the illegal chainsaws and snares. It’s thanks to the determination of the rangers on the ground that this threat is kept at bay in Cambodia’s precious forests.

watch on Current Tv website