Two FFI ‘Conservation Hero’ award successes

FFI is proud to announce the selection of two staff members as 2009 Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Conservation Heros.

Sam Han (pictured right), from the Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Programme, and Salim Khamis Haji, from the Pemba Flying Fox project, have been recognised for their outstanding commitment to conservation. Han and Salim have each recently received an award package, which includes a cheque for $1,000.

Sam Han has been the National Field Coordinator with FFI’s Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Programme since 2004. He has worked tirelessly to protect the last 250 individuals of the critically endangered Siamese crocodiles.

It is only because of the efforts of Han and the small team of dedicated conservationists he works with, that the complete extinction of the species has been prevented.

Salim Khamis Haji (pictured right – in red shirt) works at Pemba’s Department of Commercial Crops Fruits and Forestry (DCCFF) and, with FFI’s longstanding support and the assistance of other DCCFF staff, has managed to save the Pemba flying fox.

He has devoted himself to helping local communities to form associations that are directly responsible for the conservation and monitoring of the flying fox populations in their areas. The status of the Pemba flying fox has been downgraded from critically endangered to vulnerable- a clear indicator of conservation success.

A spokesperson from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund said:
“We are so very inspired by their commitment to conservation and send our congratulations.  We are very proud to be associated with the important work that Fauna and Flora International is doing with such obvious expertise and dedication.”