The new and the old – new technology preserves an ancient culture

FFI Australia is working in partnership with the Burnett Mary Regional Group to develop innovative conservation strategies for the Great Sandy Biosphere in southeast Queensland.

In January, Hervey Bay’s Indigenous community had the opportunity to use modern technology to share traditional ecological knowledge between the Elders and the younger generations.

The knowledge recording workshop held over a week taught participants to use digital recording equipment and interview techniques so that experiences and stories could be shared and recorded for future generations. While a major long term objective was to help the Indigenous community reconnect with their Country the shorter term outcome was reconnecting generations using new technologies as a tool.

“FFI’s long term vision is for Indigenous communities to be more engaged in natural resource management in the region, through employment and other partnership opportunities,” said Dr Jody Gunn, Conservation Partnerships Manager, FFI Australia.

“This knowledge recording program will ensure that traditional ecological knowledge is not lost completely with the passing of Elders, but is shared with their families and the younger generations. In the future these generations may have opportunities to put into practice some of their ancestors’ knowledge through their own work in natural resource management.”

The workshop was followed by one-on-one knowledge recording sessions with important Elders and knowledge holders. Workshop participants were given the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills.