Stephen Fry in Australia

FFI global CEO – Mark Rose and The Founders’ Board recently welcomed FFI Vice-President Stephen Fry to Australia to host two intimate events at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Sydney Harbour.

A diverse and lively group of guests were in attendance, including Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton, Baroness Valerie Amos – who is to be >> inaugurated as a Vice-President in November, Australian comedian Wil Anderson and Terri Irwin, amongst others. It was wonderful to see such a diverse group so completely engaged with our special guest and his brilliant accounts of being involved with FFI.

Fry both thanked everyone for their support so far and urged all the guests to get further involved. The events were wonderfully vibrant and provided further impetus to our efforts to raise the issue of biodiversity conservation in Australia.

Nearly seventy guests attended the FFI Australia events at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Arts. They ate food from sustainable sources and listened raptly as Stephen spoke about re-locating the last northern white rhinos from the Czech Republic to Africa.

Stephen also mused over various natural wonders including the parasitic candirú fish from South America – reported to lodge in human genitals – and the endangered, flightless kakapo parrot, which can only be found on New Zealand’s Codfish Island.

FFI CEO Mark Rose, who co-hosted the events, said: “Stephen’s passionate and inimitable presentations left his audience inspired by and committed to conservation. He is a wonderful ambassador for FFI.”