Rare Philippine crocodiles released into the wild

The future of the world’s rarest croc – Philippine crocodile – is a little brighter thanks to a recent release of 50 captive-bred individuals. Only 100 crocs survive in the wild, making this a momentous step towards saving the species from extinction.

The crocodiles were introduced into Dicatian Lake in the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park. Local communities are supportive of the initiative and stand to benefit from small-scale ecotourism thanks to their new neighbours.

The project was supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) from 2002-2005. The CLP funding helped to establish and build the skills of the Mabuwaya Foundation, the local organisation which released the crocs.

Fauna & Flora International is proud to be a partner of the CLP. It’s success stories like this one that prove that the programme is really making a difference on the ground.

You can read more and even watch a video of the release on the CLP website: www.conservationleadershipprogramme.org

You can also read more about the release on the BBC Earth News website.