Raising the bar on biodiversity with Anglo American

The end of 2010 saw the conclusion of the first three year term of Fauna & Flora International’s (FFI) partnership with Anglo American and we can now announce that a second term has commenced.

“The achievements of the partnership underline the benefits of collaboration. We have had a much wider and deeper impact than if we had worked separately“, said Helen Nyul, who manages FFI’s partnership with Anglo American.

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Developing biodiversity standards and guidelines

Over the course of the past three years, FFI contributed to the development of Anglo American’s Environment Way – the company’s environment management system – as well as the Biodiversity Performance Standard and the Guideline for preparing Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs).

We have also supported its commitment to participate in the Natural Value Initiative (NVI), which FFI runs with the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative. Read more about NVI.

Biodiversity Action Plan reviews

During the past three years FFI has participated in, and led, 16 of the 31 BAP Reviews conducted on Anglo American operations. Anglo American benefitted from our independent verification of responsible biodiversity management at its mining operations.

FFI also raised awareness within the company to improve understanding of the link between biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services, and the importance of integrating ecosystem services into its biodiversity programme.

Involvement in the BAP reviews also benefitted FFI. We have extensive experience with the extractive sector, but there is always more to learn on the practical application of biodiversity management at an operational site.

“Each site is different but the key to successful biodiversity conservation is consistency of application – across all operations in all countries of operation,” said Pippa Howard, Director of Business & Biodiversity Programme.

“BAP reviews provided invaluable opportunities for the FFI teams to gain a deeper understanding of diverse operational contexts that Anglo American faces.”

Over the course of the BAP reviews FFI staff interacted with Anglo American personnel who both learned from, and assisted in, the peer review process.

Biodiversity and Community Livelihoods Projects

The partnership has also benefitted three key FFI livelihood projects in the Cristalino area of Brazil, Tibetan Plateau and miombo woodland in Tanzania.

Looking forward

FFI and Anglo American will build on our strong relationship to make even further progress in the next term. During the next three years we will be focusing on strengthening the understanding and application of biodiversity conservation and maintenance of ecosystem services across the Group.

“Anglo American is committed to responsible biodiversity management, and our continuing partnership with FFI over the next three years will not only provide Group operations with the ongoing support and guidance to conserve biodiversity and critical ecosystem services, but will provide assurance to our stakeholders that our efforts in this area are both material and appropriate to the risks and opportunities presented by biodiversity resources at our operational sites around the world” said Mark Aken, Anglo American’s Manager of Sustainable Development Standards.

FFI will continue to deepen our own understanding and capacity to continue our conservation work, as well as our efforts to ensure communities are supported by our projects.

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