Piloting coastal and marine Community Conservation Areas in Kenya

The joint project by FFI and EAWLS proposes a solution to over-exploitation of marine resources by piloting Community Conservation Areas (CCAs) in the south coast of Kenya.

Designed as a partnership between the two NGOs, the project responds to the need for providing sustainable CCAs. It would provide a solution to developing community conservation areas, primarily through building capacity in coastal and marine management.

The project would also aid in the development of alternative income options, community education and awareness on linkages between sustainable use of marine resources and community well-being.

The project proposes to involve the demarcation and development of seven CCAs in South Coast Kenya in the villages of Shimoni, Mkwiro, Wasini, Kibuyuni, Majoreni, Jimbo and Vanga, covering a total area of 120 sq km. It also delves into the development of eco tourism as an alternative means of income and training of beach management units in fisheries governance, financial management and institutional management.

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