Making Copenhagen Count

There is a continuous stream of communications currently coming out of United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP15) since the conference opened on Monday. The issues are broad and complicated but are focused around a number of central points.

How do we keep global temperatures from increasing by more than 2°C? Who will make the necessary carbon emission cuts – developed or developing countries – to reduce temperature increase? Who will pay to reduce carbon emissions globally?

Will the destruction and degradation of forest be included in the new agreement? Can global leaders come to a unanimous agreement about the future of the planet?

FFI’s Making Copenhagen Count site is now live and will have updates, interviews and video of our teams during their time at COP15.

FFI Liberia

We have been invited to be part of the Liberian Government delegation and will be supporting them with their Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) negotiations.

Liberia’s “REDD Readiness Plan” identifies a clear roadmap towards designing and carrying out pilot carbon projects. FFI has begun discussions with the National Government and Provincial Authorities to develop a pilot project in a forest bloc in the southeast of the country.

FFI-Macquarie Taskforce

In June 2008 FFI entered into collaboration with Australian bank Macquarie Group to develop a Taskforce to invest in the conservation and sustainable management of tropical forests and generate carbon credits for sale on the global markets.

The FFI-Macquarie Taskforce are heading to COP15 to share lessons learnt from their pioneering REDD projects, to continue to be the voice for biodiversity and to profile how we work in partnership with governments and local communities to manage the preservation of the forests.

FFI Indonesia

Our team from Indonesia has been invited by the Indonesian Government delegation and will be supporting them with their negotiations. FFI Indonesia staff will have a varied role at COP15, attending Forest Day and representing both our FFI-Macquarie Taskforce REDD projects and FFI’s ‘Community Carbon Pool’ project.

They will also be showcasing FFI’s innovative project which aims to prevent high value conservation forest from being converted to oil palm plantations by harnessing the REDD mechanism.