Jakarta Green Monster runs ‘Love Water Camp’

FFI partner and Jakarta-based grass roots organisation Jakarta Green Monster has been exceptionally busy lately. The group ran several events in the Greater Jakarta area to raise local awareness of environmental issues.

Jakarta Green Monster not only helped in the city’s Green festival 2009 but also ran an educational and ecological conservation programme called “Love Water Camp” or “Kemah Cinta Air” along the Ciliwung river.

In honour of World Water Day on 22 March, volunteers from Jakarta Green Monster taught 50 high school students from flood-stricken areas of Greater Jakarta the importance of clean water and functioning wetland ecosystems through hands-on activities. The camp was suported by PT Coca-Cola Indonesia.

The Ciliwung river runs from the highlands of West Java Province all the way to Jakarta and is notoriously polluted. Of the city’s 13 rivers, the Ciliwung causes some of the worst floods in the capital, as it runs through densely populated and poverty-stricken areas.

More about FFI and Jakarta Green Monster

The Muara Angke wetland in Jakarta used to play an important role in flood mitigation as well as biodiversity conservation. FFI is supporting the local grass roots group Jakarta Green Monster in its work to reduce waste contamination in the highly biodiverse Angke river, and encourage interest among the community in the wetland conservation area. Poverty-stricken residents of local slum communities are also involved, as the project aims to benefit them through the sale of compost, recycled plastic and paper from communal waste management and the provision of services to visitors.