Natural World: In Our Hands


Fauna & Flora International (FFI) have launched a global online campaign called In Our Hands in celebration and acknowledgment of World Environment Day on Sunday 5 June.

FFI’s In Our Hands will highlight the plight of endangered species worldwide. People everywhere are asked to upload a photograph of themselves holding a piece of A4 paper with the name of an endangered species written on it.

The photo can be of any quality, even taken on a phone, and can to be uploaded to one or more of the social media channels below. You can also send your photos to [email protected]




As the library of images grow, so too will global awareness not only of the futures of thousands of species on the brink of extinction, but also of human involvement in it – from both negative and positive angles. These images will create a link from the people championing them, directly back to the species they’ve written on their paper sign.

FFI CEO Mark Rose and Deputy CEO Ros Aveling

FFI CEO Mark Rose and Deputy Chief Executive Ros Aveling

Anyone can upload a photo – all we need is a head and torso photograph of you, landscape preferably, holding in your hands a white A4 sign, with the name of an endangered species hand written in texta/marker pen.

Interesting backgrounds would be brilliant, but not necessary.

We have asked our staff and partners across the world to kick off In Our Hands by submitting photos of themselves. Our people work tirelessly, often remotely and in cities, on the ground, in the field and in offices, some makeshift, others more permanent, day after day, to conserve species, habitat and life on earth.

Please help us by submitting your photo and spreading the word to your social networks. We have two weeks from launch to get as many images up as possible.

Please help us.
The future of the natural world is In Our Hands.