Good news for Uzbekistan’s saiga!

FFI has lots to report on our work to protect the Ustyurt Plateau in Uzbekistan – home to the unique-looking saiga antelope.

We have just launched a large five year project to secure the plateau’s grassland habitat on a landscape level. Though the saiga antelope is the area’s most famous resident, there are so many other species that rely on it.

This new initiative is thanks to the USAID’s SCAPES (Sustainable Conservation Approaches in Priority EcosystemS) program. We are now ramping up our efforts to secure this fragile habitat by working with our partners and local communities to reduce threats such as saiga poaching.

FFI has been working to protect the saiga antelope since 2004 alongside our partner, the Uzbek Institute of Zoology. Two key players in this initiative are Elena Bykova and Alexander Esipov, a husband and wife team who work at the Institute.

They have recently been awarded the prestigious Marsh Award for Conservation Leadership. This award recognises and rewards an individual or organisation that has made a significant contribution to FFI’s goals. We are proud to be working with such inspiring and dedicated people.

The Marsh Award will be spent on expanding current awareness campaigns to inform communities and the broader public on a landscape scale about the importance of saiga antelope conservation.