Global climate wake up call

Campaigners around the world joined forces today in a mass ‘global wake up call’ on climate change.

Organised by the TckTckTck campaign, and taking place at more than 2,400 separate venues from Beijing to Buenos Aires, the events called for world leaders to take tough action on emissions at the global climate talks taking place in Copenhagen in December this year.

Speaking from the global climate wake up call event in Cambridge, Fauna & Flora International Communications Manager, Jilly McNaughton (pictured above), said:.

“There must be no delay in emissions cuts if we want to stand a chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. The talks at Copenhagen will be all important – there will be no second chances to get this right.

“The message we bring today is that forest protection must be a part of the solution to climate change. With 18-25% of human induced greenhouse gas emissions coming from habitat destruction, Fauna & Flora International has long believed that forest protection has a vital role to play.”