Georgian partner NACRES hosts global bear conference

Fauna & Flora International’s Georgian partner NACRES recently organised the 19th International Conference on Bear Research and Management.

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) was a sponsor of the event through our EU-funded Georgian Carnivore Conservation Project, run jointly with NACRES.

Roughly 200 experts from Americas, Europe and Asia convened in Tiblisi to present the latest scientific findings on bears. Workshops also covered issues such as human-bear conflict and captive bear management.

“Since Georgia is on the crossroads between West and East, one of the main objectives of the Tbilisi conference was to bring together bear specialists from both and promote dialogue between them,” said the NACRES team.

The conference provided an invaluable opportunity for the FFI and NACRES project team to discuss issues relevant to Georgian carnivores. It also helped to exchange feedback on management options from some of the world’s top bear researchers.

The brown bear, like many other large canivores, suffers from heavy illegal poaching and habitat loss all across the Caucasus. NACRES and FFI have been working together on large carnivore research and conservation for several years.

Photo credits: Gareth Goldthorpe/FFI