Forest Footprint Disclosure Project launched

A new project to encourage companies to report their impacts on forests was launched this week. The Forest Footprint Disclosure Project is an innovative initiative led by the Global Canopy Programme.

FFI joined the project’s Technical Steering Group in December last year, along with The Prince’s Rainforests Project, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and several other organisations.

The project’s aim is to inform potential and current investors of the risks associated with high forest impact industries, such as beef, soya, palm oil and biofuels. A ‘forest footprint’ is the amount of deforestation linked to a business’ operations and supply chain.

Participating companies will be asked to disclose how their operations and supply chains are affecting forests worldwide, and what is being done to manage those impacts responsibly. An annual report will be produced listing the companies’ forest footprints.

You can find out more about the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project here.